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My wife and I have always had a healthy sex life. During our first years together, sometimes all day to explore and pleasure each other in bed. It was great 101teengirls for the first 10-15 years, but over time, things become a little trite, and if our 40 years of age who had begun to reach more and more things fetish (ie whips, leather and porn) to animate things up. Despite this, the downhill race up and started looking for other ways to contact me on the local golf club and gym in the month of June. any case in June in great shape is known for its 47 years, blonde, 5'3 ', size 12, with a wonderful 36D tits. She's really in the gym, which made ​​things go at least 4 times a week after work or Saturday morning for several hours. recently decided to take a personal trainer named James. He is a pretty big 6'4 ', dark black skin and a body too muscular and in his mid -20s. However, a few months ago there was a special event planned (disco and food) in the GYm to celebrate the anniversary of five years and ended in June, by James to buy tickets for the night under pressure. We had no intention of down, as it was not really our thing. No matter how the event went to James kept his rib in a sexy dance in the night and seemed to be nervous at the prospect of Jane. I think she licked 101teengirls the idea of ​​a young black pieces and even the rain fantasy attention. As the event drew near Jane is heated, the idea of us go together to make the party come and harassed me. in the days before the big day, Jane had her hair cut in a modern style that made her 101teengirls nails and bought a deep plunging black dress and play new sexy lingerie. the evening of the party, she spent hours preparing for the night, had a long soak in the bath, shaved, like her pussy and finally dressed in a very provocative. I must say she looked very sexual, which begins when a tarty as the dress was veryinstructions and a little too short for their age. We reached the place around 20 30 Clock 101teengirls and a party was in full swing, most people in their 20s and 30s. Initially I felt uncomfortable, but was thrown into the atmosphere after a few beers and I felt very relaxed and enjoying the view of all the young girls in little towels. As the drinks flowed, I could see that Jane had a special interest in Santiago. Remained bent and whispered loud music club. Each time he did, had a perfect view of Santiago v low -cut dress. They do have some dances during the night and 2-3 slow kiss those. I see much to applaud James caressing her ass and pushed to a point between them own. I could only assume that stroking her pussy. Now, while Jane is a very pretty woman, and looked very sexy, 101teengirls she was not the prettiest girl at the event in view of the younger competitors. However, I know you can have an insatiable desire to That can be put over the edge. She knows how to turn a man, and the subtle flirtatious touch and talk, I knew what I had 101teengirls in mind. How was the night ended, the three were quite drunk and I know that Jane felt heat. So when asked if he could invite me to his house in James with us to have a drink, I knew it was to drink more than a little. James accepted 101teengirls the invitation with a big smile on his lips white, dark, and took a taxi to our hotel. Once I was at the door, grabbed me by the hand and led me to Jane 's kitchen. 'Listen,' he said, 'I love you. But I need something new. I catch him alone. It can be seen, but that's all. ' Jane has never been about me watching her with another man's speech, and I totally surprised, but also turned for it. But actions speak much more than they were. At first I was jealous. I told him to do whatever they wanted, but I could not see. She knew I was angry, but it gave me a kiss goodnight. When I went back go in the upstairs hallway to our room, I saw her pull the dress over her head when she disappeared in the living room with just her bra, thong and delays. I stayed there for about 10 minutes and could not stand it. There were moans and groans strong drift in the room, which had become very important to me that I had the hardest erection I've had in many years. I had to see what was happening. When I walked into the living room, I could not believe how my cock shrank in my pants. There was a lot of clothes scattered on the floor, and Jane was face down on the couch cushions. One of her large breasts D- cup were hanging in the air, 101teengirls while large hands of James about a massage the other. His dark face was buried in his bottom and his tongue was furiously stabbing between her shaved pussy and ass tender. It was so sexy, see the contrast of their skin. His white bottom is rubbed up and down on his tongue until she screamed loudly and reached her first orgasm. 'Oh yous... fuck with your tongue. Yes, oh yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaah ' Finally, when the shaking stopped, started again James and Jane, so that eye level was its tail. It was amazing. Her biggest cock I had ever seen . I think. not that Jane was ready for the size, because she opened her mouth and her eyes were wide with excitement he looked at me and said, 'I will fucking well. Never had a real man penis in front of her. Tonight I will have my way with her, and I can stop white ladybug. She will be fucked by a real man. 'With these words James Jane grabbed her head and pulled her into his huge cock and heavy balls. He tried to swallow whole head pushed him hard in the black bar. I could see that bulge in the neck. Slowly at first, then faster as he grew accustomed 101teengirls to its size. her head bobbed up and 101teengirls down and called us with great satisfaction. 'Oh, suck cock. Want to try not my fucking sperm slut little. 'She just groupsnted a response. James pulled his tail and told to lick his balls. Sucked one of his black plums 101teengirls between her lips and stroked his hard manhood. I could not believe what happened next. Jane went to James and went through his reflection on the legs of his cock. Pushed into the lower back, turn on him. Then with a hand separated from his ass hole and licked areas. This sent James over the edge and shot a load on the carpet. I thought it was over and started to say something. James looked at me and said in a commanding tone : '. Shut your mouth I have not finished with his dog, and I do not want to hear another word from you. ' I was mortified and sat across the room. Jane became so forth. He looked at his cock. It was still difficult. She smiled and put it back in your mouth. After a few minutes of sucking, James put on his back 101teengirls and pulled his ankles. There was no way to be able to take the tail. James began rubbing his massive head up and down from the lips of my slut wife naked d. She began to turn his hips and, eager to feel inside. She was so wet her ass dripping puddles on the couch cushions. Then, with a hard push, James plunged his cock into Jane. She screamed in pain and ecstasy. In short, forget the pain. Her moans of satisfaction were endless. It was an orgasm after another. You must be fucked like this for an hour before James began to shake the balls. She let out 101teengirls a groan and fell to the bottom of discharge into her pussy. Then he fell on his sweaty body and moved it with a loud popping sound. James looked at me, my cock in hand. 'Do you like what you see? Then come here and lick off. ' I could not believe my ears. Before I could protest, voted Jane in ' The tail does not satisfy me anymore, so get to work your tongue. ' I crawled to her and 101teengirls started licking at the thick sauce made ​​from his open mouth. At the same time, I pulled out and came to my hands and tried not to let them know that I enjoyed. James pushed me aside. 'Once again, ' he said. 'This time in the ass. ' Jane has never let me anal, I always say it was dirty. But she was not going to reject this development carnal. James was placed with Jane 's legs 101teengirls on his shoulders and put his cock at the entrance of his ass. Slowly, he relaxed his huge head on it. He waited until 101teengirls she relaxed, and then pushed some more. This continued until it was deep ball. It was not long before James was brutal asshole fucking my wife. Jane James launched her clitoris while he entered her again and again. She came and came and came. 'Yeah, fuck in the ass. Make me your dirty white bitch,' he said. 'I love the big black cock in the ass. ' After 101teengirls 15 minutes of shit, James began to shake again and shot his load deep in her ass. And of course I had toTed in a licking. While I have not fucked since that night Jane, I always shit James to see the big black cock, and if I'm okay, I have stretched their holes and lick my cock masturbate is not enough reward.
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